How I Took That Photo

How I Took That Photo

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Welcome to the How I Took That Photo Podcast! In this mini podcast I will go behind the photo to see how a photographer set up a camera, which camera they used, and which lens they used, and maybe even a little post processing to see how they turned their photo into an amazing work of art! 

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Guest Update

 I have loved having guests on How I Took That Photo, and I would love to continue featuring some other photographers to see how they make their photographs into the amazing piece of work that we see today. So if you have an amazing photo that pops, and you would like to be featured on this podcast, please, either DM me on social or fill out this Google Form

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Your Host

Casey Broda

After Casey picked up a camera again, she found that she loved and missed photography. This was a fantastic hobby and outlet for creativity. Casey is already a podcast editor and manager so this podcast is a merger of her two favorite things.

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